Florida Car Donation Charity for Veterans

Use your vehicles to give back to our country's veterans who need help the most

Helping Those Who Gave Everything to Help Us

Florida is packed with locations we can collect your donation. Choosing to donate would mean that one of our veteran's lives will change for the better today. If you donate, one of our assisting towing companies will come and pick up your vehicle free of charge. The donation process is quite simple; fill out the form, and then the process begins.

You can also call us if that is your preference. Either way to begin the process will take no more than a couple minutes. After you have completed the donation form we need the keys, title, and the vehicle. Approximately 10 business days after the vehicle is received, we will email you the tax deductible receipt.


No Wasted Time

The simple donation process leaves you with the rest of the day to enjoy. Fill out our donation form or give us a call whenever you are ready to donate.


We Pick up Your Donation

We come to you on your day of choice and collect the donation free of charge.


Get the Most out of Your Donation

We take time to make sure you receive the highest deduction available towards your taxes.

Just Spend Five Minutes

The entire donation process is short and sweet. We ask that you think about donating an unused or unwanted vehicle so that we may benefit the life of a veteran who served our country.

If you do decide to donate a vehicle with us, all it takes is five minutes to fill out our donation form and immediately the first part of the donation process is complete and you are on your way to benefiting the life of a veteran. We keep true to our word, and want to begin paying back the veterans who were willing to give to us.

Free Collection at Your Convenience

You don't have to bring your vehicle to us or stress about how we will get it. Our Process is easy, simple, and fast and we pick up your vehicle free of charge.

After filling out the form, or working with one of our representatives, we will contact you and set up the most convenient date to pick it up. This helps keep the process in motion from start to finish.

Deduct Every Penny

First off, know that you are doing something good. We aim to help veterans across the country, and because of you, we can. After we receive the vehicle, we work on your deduction. We get back to you with the deduction within approximately 10 business days. We give you the highest amount back that is possible to give you.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.