Donate a Car in Georgia to Help Veterans

The community of veterans needs help, donate today and be a light in the country

Donate in Georgia for Our Veterans

Filling out our online donation form is simpler than ever. To get started donating and helping a veteran, fill out the easy online donation form and the process has begun. After you have submitted the form, one of our partnering towing companies will reach out to you and set up a good time to come and collect the vehicle. Once we receive the keys, title, and the vehicle itself, we will get to work on your tax refund. Within approximately 10 business days, we will send you your tax-deductible receipt via email. Thank you for donating with us.


Donate and Help

Donating to Cars Helping Veterans allows us to keep doing what we can to benefit the veterans of America


Don't Waste Any of Your Time

We don't take any time away from your personal life. We pick up the vehicle free of charge at your convenience


Giving and Getting Back

We work hard on getting you the largest tax deduction possible for the donated vehicle.

Give for Our Veterans

There are many veterans in this country who are in great need. We want to do everything we can for them, to provide the basic things that everyone needs to live. We want to make our veterans recognize that we care, and that this is their home. Donating with us helps us do everything we can to make these veterans lives better and makes them feel as though they are home. Donate with us, and help veterans today.

We are Here to Serve You

The whole point of this process is to better the life of veterans in this country. The focus is also on your satisfaction throughout the entire process. We want you to enjoy the donation process, instead of feeling stressed as though it is a burden. That is why one of the main services we off is free vehicle pickup in your area. We send one of the towing companies that teams with us, to carefully manage the vehicle and bring it back to us. We schedule this completely based off your convenience.

We Give You Something Too

We give back to you for donating a vehicle. When you donate, you help us achieve what we set out to do with cars helping veterans. We want to help the veterans that fought for this country the best we can. Donating with us helps us reach into the lives of veterans across the country and do what we can to benefit them. We hope you decide to donate with us, and become part of the change we are fighting for.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.