Give Back to Our Veterans in Illinois

Donating helps our nation come together, and benefits our veterans immensely

Join Something Bigger in Illinois

When you donate a car, you will be helping thousands of veterans and their families. Your generous car donation will provide much needed services to our deserving veterans. Donating a car can be challenging, but that is not the case here. Simply fill out the form on this site to begin the donation process. Then, after filling out the form, one of our representatives in a partnering towing company will reach out to you and set up the best time to come and retrieve the vehicle. This process is entirely free of charge, no hidden fees, and no workarounds. Once we are in possession of the vehicle we will send you your IRS tax deductible receipt within approximately 10 business days.


Your Contribution Goes a Long Way

Donating helps us reach our goal of bettering the lives of the veterans in the U.S that have fell on hard times.


We Make Time for You

Worry free is our goal. We will pick up your vehicle with no cost to you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.


Brighter Futures for Everyone

For benefiting the life of a veteran, we do our best to make sure you get the highest value possible for your generous donation.

Donate to Help Pay Them Back

If you have ever walked up to a veteran and said, thank you for your service, you can always tell how much that means to them. That is what this process does for them too, it helps make their lives brighter. That is what we want to achieve and that is what donating with us helps us achieve. Donate with us today and help us reach the lives of the veterans in this nation that were willing to give everything for you.

Easy Process to Make a Difference

Sometimes the stress of donating is enough to keep people from donating. When to take the car to the charity, where is it, is it too far away? All of these are common things that may scare someone out of donating. We remove that element all together. We work with your schedule to make sure you are satisfied with the process. No need to take time off or anything of the sort, we will be there when you are ready for us to be.

Everyone Benefits

We make sure the people who donate with us are taken care of. Those of you who donate to help veterans in our country, you deserve to be taken care of as well. We do our best to make sure you have everything you need as well as get you the highest amount available in your tax deduction that you receive for donating.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.