Give Assistance to Veterans in Chicago IL

We can use car donations in Chicago to truly benefit veterans who are in great need

A City Ready to Give Back

Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest cities in the country, and thus has many different people with many different backgrounds. Chicago’s position, right off Lake Michigan, is just one reason why it’s one of America’s most visited cities. Over 54 million visitors per year flock to attractions like the Sears Tower, and the Shedd Aquarium, yet many of our veterans can’t do likewise. Some times it is very difficult for veterans returning to civilain life to adapt, especially when they have to deal with possible injuries or mental afflictions from their service.


Making the Difference

There are many ways to impact the community around you, and one of them is to help the veterans in your community.


What Saves Time?

How can we save you time throughout the donation process? It's easy, we come get your vehicle when your calendar has time for us to come get it. We work with you, not the other way around.


Paid for Time

We recognize the fact that even though the process is quick, you are still taking out time to donate. Our team does the same with your deduction. You will get the highest amount possible back.

Veterans Struggle to Readjust

Lack of a reliable car is one major reason that it is difficult to readjust. Without one, our former service men and women find it tougher to make a decent living, and readjust to civilian life. You can make that effort a little easier by donating your car.

We Get to Work Right Away

We get to work right away when you contact us, whether you go through our online form, or call our toll-free number. You can walk through the procedure with our experienced staff, or one of our professional towing companies, who’ll work out the best time to pick up your vehicle. Once you give us your car keys, title and location, you’re all set. No other effort is needed on your part. There’s no cost to you, and you don’t have to wait for the driver.

Giving the Gift of Transportation

Call 1-888-480-VETS (8387) to arrange a vehicle donation in Chicago, Illinois, or ask any additional questions about our procedure. Don’t worry about your car’s condition. We’ll accept it, even if it’s not running anymore.  Not sure if your boat, motorcycle, or RV qualifies? Talk with it over with us. In most cases, we’ll probably say “yes,” because we’re working to change veterans’ lives for the better. Your gift of reliable transportation is one of the best ways to do that, so contact us today. You won’t regret it.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.