In Maryland, You Can Donate to Our Charity for Veterans in America

Donating helps the veterans who gave everything they had

Maryland Can Help its Veterans

What makes donating easy? Having a dedicated team who love what they do. Donating with us is simple, just fill out the form on our site to get started. The towing company we partner with in Maryland can service the entire area. After you complete the initial donation process, the servicing towing company will contact you about when a proper time to collect the vehicle is. After we receive the vehicle and title, as well as the keys, we will send you your tax-deductible receipt via email. Thank you for working with us!


Real Change Thanks to You

People who donate change the lives of veterans in our nation. Never underestimate the power of charity.


Don't Waste Your Time

We collect your vehicle free of charge anywhere in the area, completely at your convenience.


Improve Others Lives

You can change a life, and if you decide to donate, we will take that to heart and return as much as we can to be deducted from your taxes.

Show Love to Our Vets

Choosing to donate should not feel like a burden. Our veterans freely served for our nation, and were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It is our belief that we can give a little in return for those who need it. Some of our veterans came back with nothing, some came back with barely anything at all. Our goal is to reach those veterans and better their lives like they deserve to be. Help us achieve our goal. Donate today.

Don't Worry, We Come to You

One of the perks to donating with us instead of selling your vehicle yourself is that there is no hassle finding a buyer and no need to take your car an hour away to meet up. We come to you and collect your vehicle free of charge whenever it is most convenient for you. This means you don't have to take time off work, you don't have to cancel your date, and there is no need to move around your calendar. We work with you.

We Give Back Too

We use your generous donation to supply food, clothing, shelter, transportation and much more the most needy veterans in our country. Not only do we feel like it is important to take care of our country's heroes, we also want to repay you for your donation. You will get the largest tax deduction possible for your car.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.