Best Charity in Jersey City for Veterans

We use your generous donation to provide shelter, food, clothing and more to veterans

How to Make a Difference in the Lives of Veterans

Jersey City, New Jersey is often nicknamed “Wall Street West,” for the mixture of finance and banking that&##39;s helped it grow into a major commercial hub, and one of the busiest ports in America. Not surprisingly, about a  third of its residents work in the finance industry. Unfortunately, many of our local veterans don’t have a job right now, or can’t find one. Lack of reliable transportation is one of the reasons. Without it, even simple things like shopping for groceries, or getting to an appointment, are out of reach.


Give Back To Veterans Today

You can make a difference today, just fill out our basic donation form and we can start the process immediately.


Doing the Work for You

Not only do we come out and pickup the vehicle at a time that is most convenient for you, but we also do it completely free of charge to you.


It's Worth Your While

Doing the right thing always feels good, and this is a truly worthy cause. These people deserve our help.

Your Donation Supports Us

When you donate your old car to Cars Helping Veterans, you’re supporting an established organization that works to change that equation. It starts by filling out our simple online form, or calling our toll-free number. We’ll confirm your contact information, and some details about your car. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Next, you’ll hear from one of our professional towing companies, which will schedule a free pickup time. Just give your car keys, and title, and we’ll take it from there.

Ready to Do Your Part?

Ready to do your part, and help veterans in Jersey City, New Jersey? Call 1-888-840-VETS (8487) to schedule your donation. We do everything, so you won’t have to shop around for a donation. All types of vehicles are welcome, in any condition. We have mechanics that deal with mechanical problems, regardless we can always find ways to implement the usefullness of the donation in the community of veterans across the country.

Got Multiple Donations in Mind?

That’s fine, too. You can donate to us, knowing that your car’s going to a veteran that could really use it. Call us now, to learn how you can make a difference for local service men and women. We’re eager to hear from you.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.