Assist Our Veterans by Donating a Vehicle in Paterson NJ

Not only will it go towards a great cause, you will also get a break on your taxes

Your Donation Will Make a Major Impact

Founded in 1851, Paterson, New Jersey, doesn’t shy away from honoring its own military heritage. One example is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Another is the Paterson Museum, which focuses on preserving the city’s industrial history, including its World War II-era role as a producer of aircraft engines. Local veterans are yearning for the same degree of recognition. Many of them struggle for access to affordable housing, decent medical care, and reliable transportation, which can put all those things out of reach.


Help Out Veterans Today

We cannot stand idly by while our nation's veterans go without food, clothing, shelter and transportation. We hope that you will join us.


Focused on Making It Easy

If we make things easier for you to donate, it means more goes to the veterans. That is our focus and mission.


You Get Something Too

Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped veterans in need, you also get a tax deduction for the value of the donation.

Not Sure How to Start?

We’ll walk you through the process in just a few minutes, whether you fill out the online form, or call our handy toll-free number. All we need are a few details about your vehicle, its location, and a way to reach you. Within a day or two, one of our professional towing companies will help you arrange a date to pick it up. There’s no cost to you, and your presence isn’t necessary. Just make sure we have your title, and car keys. That’s all there is to it. We’ll do the rest.

Help Our Veterans Beat the Odds

You can help veterans in Paterson, New Jersey, beat the odds. Make a car donation on their behalf by calling 1-888-840-VETS (8487). Remember, all donations are tax deductible, and we accept all types of vehicles, in any condition. We can utilize any donation to benefit the community of veterans, all it takes is a phone call, or simply fill out our online form.

We Make It Easy for You to Donate

We handle everything, so you don’t have to wait for a buyer, or shop around for a donation. You’ll also benefit from supporting a great cause, and giving the gift of transportation to veterans in your area. Act now! Contact us today to arrange your donation.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.