Giving Hope to Veterans in Greensboro NC

By donating to our charity, you are providing so much to our country's veterans in need

Helping Greensboro Vets

Greensboro, North Carolina is notable for briefly serving as the Confederacy’s final capital during the Civil War. Today, its central location has helped woo many automakers, like Honda and Mack Trucks, and logistics-related employers, like FedEx. While military employers aren’t a major presence, that doesn’t mean our veterans don’t need help.


Show Support by Donating

There are veterans in great need of even the most basic needs. Get started today to help them in their time of need.


Free Towing Anywhere

We make donating easy for you by coming out to fetch the vehicle at no charge to you, and we will come when convenient for you.


Giving Something Back

We feel that it is the least we can do for these down trodden heroes to provide food, clothing, shelter and more.

Challenges Veterans Face

One of the biggest challenges they face is lack of reliable transportation, which makes it challenging to hold a job, get to appointments, or run simple errands, like visiting friends, or shopping for groceries. But acclamation by itself isn’t enough to change this situation. That’s where charities like Cars Helping Veterans come into play.

How Our Process Works

Here’s how our process works. Spend a few moments to fill out some basic details online about yourself and your vehicle. You can also call our toll-free number and give them out over the phone. We’ll confirm your location, and then, schedule a free time to pick it up, through a towing company that works with us. That’s all there is to it. You don’t need to do anything else.

Supporting Our Efforts Makes Sense

Supporting our efforts makes sense for several reasons. First, we offer an easy, convenient process. Second, you don't have to keep shelling out money to insure, fix and secure a car that you're no longer driving. Third, you get a tax deduction for doing your part. Finally, you also get the joy of knowing that you're doing something to transform veterans' lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Get started today, and call us at 1-888-480-VETS (8387). Thanks again for your support, and your donation.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.