Best Car Donation Program in Tulsa OK for Veterans

We want to put veterans first and hope you will help us by donating a car today

Helping Tulsa Veterans in Their Time of Need

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the location of choice for many global oil and gas-related companies, which is why civic leaders nicknamed it “The Oil Capital of the World.” During World War I, for example, Tulsa helped out the American war effort as a major oil producer and supplier. It’s consistently ranked as one of the most affordable places to do business in the U.S. Despite those advantages, local veterans often struggle to readjust to civilian life.


Helping is Simple and Fast

Get started by giving us a little bit of information about yourself and the vehicle that you wish to donate.


Flexible Pickup Schedule

You can schedule any time that works for you to pick up the vehicle, we work around your time to make it easy.


Get a Break on Your Taxes

Not only is your donation going to help veterans in need, it will also get you a tax break.

Tulsa Veterans are Facing Challenges

Some of their biggest challenges include a lack of reliable transportation, which makes it difficult to hold a job, or access programs and services they need. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept this situation. You do your part to change it by donating your vehicle through our organization, Cars Helping Veterans.

Donating Process is Streamlined and Secure

We offer a streamlined, straightforward and secure donation process that ensures your old “beater” or used ATV gets to a veteran that needs one. All you have to do is fill out the easy online form, or give details about yourself and your vehicle over the phone, once you call our toll-free number. Our staff will then help arrange a free, convenient time to haul your vehicle away. All you need to do is confirm the location, and give us your title, and car keys. We’ll do all the rest.

Get a Tax Deduction and Feel Good About Your Contribution

Not sure if we’ll take your vehicle? Call us at 1-888-480-VETS (8387), and run the details by us. Chances are, we’ll say “yes” in most cases. We also welcome your unwanted boats, RVs, and motorcycles, if that’s what you have in mind.  Better yet, your vehicle donations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are tax deductible. Best of all, you get the joy of knowing that you’ve done done something practical and positive to change a veteran’s life for the better. Find out what your generous donation can do for service men and women in your area. Contact us today.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.