Cars for Veterans Charity in Virginia Beach

Say thank you to our vets by donating a car to our charity today

Help Find Transportation for Veterans

Defense industries play an important role in the life and economy of Virginia Beach, Virginia, where several  military bases are located, and the U.S. Navy Exchange Service Command is one of its biggest employers. Tourism also plays an important role here, with an estimated $73 million per year flowing into city coffers. For many veterans here, however, getting around without a reliable car is a big challenge. Without one, it’s tough to see a doctor, shop for groceries, or stay in touch with family members and friends.


Donate with Ease

Donating can be a lengthy process. We have worked hard to eliminate that, and we have. Donate today, it only takes a moment of your time.


It Gets Even Easier

As stated earlier, our goal is to make this process as painless as possible. Stay home, we come to you to collect the vehicle, and we do that free of charge, no hidden fees.


We Give Back

Donating is a big deal. As Is the donation you receive in return. We do our best to ensure you get the highest deduction possible for your generosity.

Help Us Break the Cycle of Poverty for Our Vets

As a result, veterans often end up socially isolated, and cut off from needed services. Help us break this vicious cycle by donating your old or unwanted car. Join the cause by filling out our simple online form, or giving your contact information and vehicle details over the phone, to one of our friendly staff members. We’ll schedule a free pickup time, usually in one or two days after you contact us. All we need is your location, car keys and title, so you don’t have to wait for the driver. It’s just that easy.

Much Easier than Trying to Sell

Haven’t found a buyer for that old Jeep sitting on your lawn? Now’s the time to get rid of it, and support a great cause. Call us at 1-888-840-VETS (8487) to make a donation in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We Handle Everything, So You Don't Have To

We handle everything, so you won’t have to shop around for a donation, or pay somebody else to haul it away. Your generous gift of transportation allows us to continue helping veterans, and the organizations that serve them. Contact us now. You’ll be glad you got involved.

Help Purple Heart, Homeless, and Combat Wounded Vets We accept vehicle donations in all 50 U.S states.